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April 5,2020 | Project
Converting a store-bought theme for use in your app

As a developer my primary interest is to make an application that is easy to use and that works perfectly. Somewhere near the bottom of my priorities list is making it look nice. I am not at all saying that I don't care what it looks like (that would be unprofessional). It's just something that...

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April 3,2020 | Training
Angular Forms

This course provided an excellent introduction into angular forms. Because I have extensive experience in HTMl and bootstrap this module was more familiar to me than was Getting Started. I especially enjoyed the creation of the web service and the introduction into third-party tools that can be easily integrated into Angular to provide a...

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April 1,2020 | Training
Angular CLI

This was a pretty neat course in that it helped me on several levels. First, I have always fought doing command line work even though as I get older I know I need to embrace it more. Second, it touched on so many different areas of Angular. Some I am familiar with, some less so....

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February 24,2020 | Training
Angular – Getting Started

I had already taken a couple of the into courses on so it was time to get into concepts and code. The instructor (Deborah Kurata) is a very well-respected trainer on this platform. I especially enjoyed how she would make mistakes on purpose in order to give us a feel for the same mistakes...

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January 6,2020 | Geeky Stuff
HAL – the server that fuels all of this

A few years ago my employer was downsizing their data center and it became known that a server rack was going to be tossed if nobody claimed it. I thought about it for a good eight or nine seconds and then I took the bait. I knew what it meant - at some point I...

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December 13,2019 | Training
Angular: The Big Picture

This was my first foray into the world of Angular. I thought it provided an excellent detail about the origins of Angular as well as how it differs from other javascript platforms. I referred back to it as I went through other modules. Course URL: My Notes: Duration: 1 hour and 7 minutes...

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