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December 27,2020 | Training
Design Systems with React and Storybook

Probably the biggest lesson that I've learned over the years when it comes to my day job (as well as other areas of life) is the idea to measure twice and cut once.  There are a couple of apps that I want to build but it seemed to make sense to learn the newer ways...

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December 18,2020 | Training
Full Stack MERN

I wanted to piggyback off some of the benefits that I got from the last course that I finished.  In that class we focused on modern React in a full-stack environment.  Also, in my day job and many of the courses that I've taken we primarily use google's cloud functions.  I want a refresher on...

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December 12,2020 | Training
Firebase with React

This course from Frontend Masters is more of an advanced course than the other courses that I've taken.  I have the basics - I want to see the advanced techniques. 12/18/2020 Update.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  There wasn't necessarily anything new in it, although I don't recall having ever seen the use of cloud...

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November 4,2020 | Training
Javascript with Machine Learning

One of the items on the wish list of the "day job" is to incorporate machine learning in their application in order to match group A with opportunity B.  The ideal way to do this is via machine learning.  This area is fairly new to me so I thought I would take a course on...

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October 30,2020 | Training
React, Redux and Firestore

One of my goals in creating the Twitter Clone Application is to transition my personal base template from Firebase to Firestore.  At first this seemed like a fairly trivial task - I rooted through some documentation and with not too much trouble I was able to pull back a simple document collection.  However, I quickly...

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October 14,2020 | Training
Course: Power Automate

Course: Notes: I've been meaning to add to my microsoft training by spending some time with Power Automate.  I have the sneaking suspicion that this is one of those times where I might be able to mix professional stuff with home nerdy stuff.    

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October 9,2020 | Training
Course: React Styled-Components

So I've been asked to upgrade the style of an existing app to allow for usage on all screen sizes.  To be honest this is something that I've never done with an existing app before.  Sure, it's fairly easy to do this on a new app and we've all done this in the context of...

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September 17,2020 | Training
Course: The Complete React Native + Hooks Course

One of the last remaining areas that I want to add to my toolbox in this phase of my career. URL: My Notes: Restaurant Search Code:

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