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October 12,2022 | Training
AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Certification

I am FINALLY getting back to this.  The day job asked me to focus on AvePoint training so that became my priority for a while.  And summer, that’s always a priority.  Much of this should be review. Course: My Notes:  

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September 11,2022 | Demo, Geeky Stuff, Training
Adding a PiHole Docker Container Container

If you're like me and you hate being spammed with advertisements in your browser than something like PiHole is for you.  If you've ever heard the commercials for DuckDuckGo you are probably familiar with what happens:  you search for something in your browser and next thing you know you are spammed with advertisements related to...

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June 20,2022 | Training
Getting Started with Microsoft Azure IoT

  Course Link: My Notes: The course was a bit of a mixed bag.  Unfortunately many of the sections were outdated and unfortunately many of the outdated information was in the packages that were to be installed on the Pi.  In a weird kind of way it worked out for the better as...

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December 10,2021 | Training
DP-900 Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

After a small break I am back at it.  I want to get past this stuff so that I can get to the courses that really interest me. Course: My Notes:  

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October 16,2021 | Training
Azure AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

I had taken some time off in order to go through an AvePoint course over the summer before applying what I learned on a project.  That is complete so now I am starting down the certification path in MS Azure.  This course is well-reviewed so I thought that I would give it a look. Link...

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February 18,2021 | Training
Power BI – Beginners to Advanced

I thought I would take a course to freshen up what I used to know and hopefully learn some new stuff. Course URL:  Power BI Masterclass - beginners to advanced | Udemy My Notes:

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February 13,2021 | Demo, Geeky Stuff
Now Friends: Power Automate and SmartThings

One of my favorite things to do is mix my work life with my personal life.  In the past I've connected my pool with Alexa or running my sump pump when a condition is true.  I have recently revisited Power Automate and I thought it might be fun to interface PA with SmartThings.  This is...

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February 8,2021 | Training
Power Automate Course

It had been a while since I had worked with Power Automate (so long that it changed names!) so I thought I would take a refresher course on  This is in addition to the wonderful comprehensive Sharepoint courses that I took here and here.  I am very comfortable in this area after working for...

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