Posted by | January 24, 2021
Continuous Integration – Automated builds between Heroku and Github

I am continuing my recent trend of developing projects from the ground up.  In my last article I focused on automated testing using mocha.  In this article I want to...

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Posted by | January 8, 2021
Inspiration Came! Building “That” App

1/28/2021 Status Prod, Staging, Dev and Test Environment Setup:  COMPLETE Automated build and deploy from github:  COMPLETE Backend Mongoose CRUID operations built with automated Mocha testing:  COMPLETE UI:  In progress. ...

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Posted by | August 3, 2020
Project: React Movie Review Site (Complete)

8/6/2020 - I was able to pick this  back up again after finishing the Sharepoint course.  The main addition since the previous version is the addition of typeahead so that...

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