Posted by | January 12, 2021
Adding Mocha to a Project

This is more in my series in setting up a project.  I am knee-deep in setting up this project and I am trying to set up my base template at...

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Posted by | January 10, 2021
Installing Express in a MERN App

I thought that I would take the time to document this for myself as both times I did this previously I used different methods.  As Tony Horton likes to say...

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Posted by | January 8, 2021
Inspiration Came! Building “That” App

1/28/2021 Status Prod, Staging, Dev and Test Environment Setup:  COMPLETE Automated build and deploy from github:  COMPLETE Backend Mongoose CRUID operations built with automated Mocha testing:  COMPLETE UI:  In progress. ...

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Posted by | December 28, 2020
Throwing Technology at the Sump Pump

So I have a problem at my house:  the float on the sump pump no longer works.  This means that as soon as the pump emptied the sump and the...

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Posted by | August 19, 2020
Timekeeping Application (SharePoint / React) – Complete

Finally done with training!  After taking this course and that course I am finally ready to get out there and do what I love - making stuff.  While I love taking...

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Posted by | August 3, 2020
Project: React Movie Review Site (Complete)

8/6/2020 - I was able to pick this  back up again after finishing the Sharepoint course.  The main addition since the previous version is the addition of typeahead so that...

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Posted by | July 7, 2020
Writing to DynamoDb via API (in progress)

Just getting rolling on this one. Reference the "How to Read from a DynamoDb" (here) to see how my table is set up.  Create a new API Create a Lambda...

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Posted by | June 14, 2020
Reading from an an AWS Dynamo Db via API

This is a fun little side project that I've wanted to do for a while.  As discussed in my article on how to ask Alex for the pool temperature (here)...

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Posted by | April 28, 2020
Project: Angular Front-End (with demo)

Click here to jump to the project description. Git: 6/12/2020 The demo is working here!  The data pulled back my movie and tv show watch history from in...

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Posted by | April 27, 2020
Angular Weather App (with demo)

Update:   I made a demo of the Personal Weather Station page here.   Git: (same code base as the Media Watched app).  As mentioned in other posts I am always...

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