Posted by | October 26, 2020
Demo: Twitterless (Twitter Clone)

12/12/2020 Update:  I put this on hold.  The reason for this is that I made the decision to try to freelance after the first of the year so I wanted...

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Posted by | August 25, 2020
Course: Node with React: Fullstack Web Development

I've been meaning to spend more time with Node so this seemed like a logical progression.  This course had me create a survey application that would allow user's to buy...

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Posted by | August 3, 2020
Project: React Movie Review Site (Complete)

8/6/2020 - I was able to pick this  back up again after finishing the Sharepoint course.  The main addition since the previous version is the addition of typeahead so that...

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Posted by | April 15, 2020
Linking Smartthings Device Handlers with Github

A Smartthings device handler is a customer handler that allows you to extend the capabilities of a smartthome device beyond what you get out of a box. For example, I...

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