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April 28,2020 | Demo, Geeky Stuff, Project
Project: Angular Front-End (with demo)

Click here to jump to the project description. Git: 6/12/2020 The demo is working here!  The data pulled back my movie and tv show watch history from in chronological order.    The difficult part in assembling these pages is that I had to first make an api call to get the original list of...

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April 27,2020 | Demo, Geeky Stuff, Project
Angular Weather App (with demo)

Update:   I made a demo of the Personal Weather Station page here.   Git: (same code base as the Media Watched app).  As mentioned in other posts I am always interested in trying to integrate my personal geeky projects with my work life. One of my hobbies is weather. To be more specific, the ability...

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April 26,2020 | Project
Setting Up an Angular Project in Production

It's easy enough to get an app working on localhost but many devs don't have experience porting an app to production.  I've done just about every piece of this at one time or another but I thought that I would put them altogether in a single guide for future reference.  I could have taken the...

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April 22,2020 | Training
React: The Big Picture

My notes on Pluralsight's React:  The Big Picture Course Course URL: My Notes:

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April 16,2020 | Geeky Stuff, Project
Alexa, What’s the Pool Temperature?

This is one of my favorite projects because it just seems so.... unnecessary.  But cool!  And cool counts for something around here. It seems that today there is a gadget that will do just about anything.  One of the exceptions to this seems to be pool thermometers that can send data to another system.  There...

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April 15,2020 | Geeky Stuff
Linking Smartthings Device Handlers with Github

A Smartthings device handler is a customer handler that allows you to extend the capabilities of a smartthome device beyond what you get out of a box. For example, I have a smart mouse catcher (I kid you not) and I installed a custom device that pings my phone when a rodent is caught in...

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April 10,2020 | Training
Angular End-To-End Course (Updated with code fixes)

Course URL This was actually a very good demonstration on how to set up authentication in angular using google's firebase.  The problem:  the starter files would not compile once you got to a certain part of the course (several others had the same issue).  I spent a while playing around with it and the...

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April 8,2020 | Training
Angular Reactive Forms

This course really brought together a lot of the concepts that I had seen in the other courses and in my creation of simple apps. Course URL: My Notes: Duration:    3h 52minutes.  It took me about 17 hours to complete as I was taking notes and following along in Visual Studio. Course...

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