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June 1,2020 | Training
An Open Later to My Former Colleagues

The date was January of 2001 and the location was Chicago.  I was accompanying my boss Sherry to the corporate headquarters of my employer of a little more than a year.  While in a meeting we heard a commotion in the lobby.  A group of armed guards had walked in to the building lead by...

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May 23,2020 | Training
The Complete React Developer Course (w/Hooks and Redux)

Course URL: Live Application URL: Status:  Finished!  Here are the features: User authentication via Google. Full CRUD with Firebase.  Users see only their own data. Fully automated testing with Jest. Each component is individually styled. Automated builds in production (a single git push rebuilds the environment) Babel polyfill makes the app available in...

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May 13,2020 | Training
React: Getting Started

My notes on Pluralsight's React:  Getting Started Course URL: My Notes:  

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May 7,2020 | Training
Appcelerator Course

I decided to take on yet another course as I wanted to learn something about Appcelerator :-). My Notes: Course URL: Duration:  5 hours and 28 minutes (!) Problems I encountered #1:  NPM was a newer version The installer was smart enough to know that npm was newer.  It wasn't smart enough...

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May 1,2020 | Training
Angular NgRx (in progress)

Started on 5/1/2020   Course URL: My Notes: Duration:  Course Modules Introduction The Redux pattern First Look at NgRx

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April 28,2020 | Demo, Geeky Stuff, Project
Project: Angular Front-End (with demo)

Click here to jump to the project description. Git: 6/12/2020 The demo is working here!  The data pulled back my movie and tv show watch history from in chronological order.    The difficult part in assembling these pages is that I had to first make an api call to get the original list of...

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April 27,2020 | Demo, Geeky Stuff, Project
Angular Weather App (with demo)

Update:   I made a demo of the Personal Weather Station page here.   Git: (same code base as the Media Watched app).  As mentioned in other posts I am always interested in trying to integrate my personal geeky projects with my work life. One of my hobbies is weather. To be more specific, the ability...

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April 26,2020 | Project
Setting Up an Angular Project in Production

It's easy enough to get an app working on localhost but many devs don't have experience porting an app to production.  I've done just about every piece of this at one time or another but I thought that I would put them altogether in a single guide for future reference.  I could have taken the...

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