Throwing Technology at the Sump Pump

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Throwing Technology at the Sump Pump

So I have a problem at my house:  the float on the sump pump no longer works.  This means that as soon as the pump emptied the sump and the float went to its natural state (down) that the pump would not shut off and would eventually burn out.  It’s a fairly common problem and unfortunately it is cheaper to buy a new one than it is to fix the switch.  I have a new pump on order but I thought that I would see if I could solve the problem using geeky stuff (not to mention I was sick of manually running it once an hour).

As I state clearly in the video this is not a permanent or good solution.  It is however a fun solution!   I neglected to mention in the video that I have a second water sensor above the first sensor that lets me know if anything fails.   The solutions has been running for a day without issue.

Also, one of the things that I found beneficial was to actually create another trigger in IFFT to run this whole logic block once an hour (e.g. tell Apilio to make the sump pump wet boolean to be “true”).  This resulted in the water staying lower in the sump and make it much less likely to reach the sensor.  When it did reach the sensor (thus kicking off the logic block) the sensor seemed to report a status of “dry” much faster than if it had been soaked for a while.

Tools used:

Wemo smart plug (although any electric switch compatible with iftt will do)
Utilitech (Evergreen) water sensor (same – find a sensor compatible with ifft or iftt via smartthings)

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