Demo: Twitterless (Twitter Clone)

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Demo: Twitterless (Twitter Clone)

12/12/2020 Update:  I put this on hold.  The reason for this is that I made the decision to try to freelance after the first of the year so I wanted to put my learning into other areas.

11/30/2020 Update.  My father-in-law was ill for several weeks before passing so this project had to take a bit of a back seat.  I am now back working on it.

It’s been great being a functional develop again at my apprenticeship.  However, I want to continue to enhance my skills and put more tools into my toolbox so I thought that I would start a new project.  It seemed fun to try to re-make twitter so that’s what I am going to do.

Ok, full disclosure – there are several “how to re-make twitter in React” tutorials laying around.  I have checked them out to varying degrees but I am not following them to make this app.  Instead I wanted to piece together multiple concepts into my own application.


Git Repository


  • Create a new application from the template that I created during this React course.  Complete
  • Host the application on Heroku.  Complete
  • Automate the build from main branch on github (I had previously done it via Heroku CLI).  Complete
  • Use Firestore instead of Firebase as the backend database.  In Progress.   To be honest I am wondering if this was even worth the time since I coded it to use redux store.  I spent a lot of time navigating around the differences between version in redux (there may have been some swearing).  I finally got a to a good spot and I am continuing on.
  • Create a user registration.  In Progress
  • Create process for new tweet creation.
  • Allow users to retweet.
  • Allow users to like tweets.
  • Allow for real-time updates, possibly using


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