Now Friends: Power Automate and SmartThings

Now Friends: Power Automate and SmartThings

One of my favorite things to do is mix my work life with my personal life.  In the past I’ve connected my pool with Alexa or running my sump pump when a condition is true.  I have recently revisited Power Automate and I thought it might be fun to interface PA with SmartThings.  This is NOT meant to be a comprehensive guide – I am assuming that you have at least a little bit of experience in PA and SmartThings developer IDE.  That said, someone with no coding experience should be able to complete this task.  Note that in the next video I show how to update a device’s status using Power Automate and a custom connector.

In this video I will create the connection with the SmartThings api and pull back the status of the Garage Door sensor.  I will then take those values and populate a OneDrive excel spreadsheet.


PostMan – It’s free!  Install the application from here.

SmartThings Developer Account – It’s free!  Sign up here.

Power Automate – It’s free (for a while)!  Sign up here.

SmartThings API Documentation – Also very free – see here.



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[…] the previous video I showed how to pull back information from a foreign API inside of Power Automate.  This time I […]

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