Firebase with React

Getting into the advanced topics

Firebase with React

This course from Frontend Masters is more of an advanced course than the other courses that I’ve taken.  I have the basics – I want to see the advanced techniques.

12/18/2020 Update.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course.  There wasn’t necessarily anything new in it, although I don’t recall having ever seen the use of cloud functions acting as listeners (but it does make complete sense).  I think the biggest benefit of this is that I was able to see the most recent version of react without having been clouded by older versions of React.  I’ve taken multiple courses and worked on many different apps (including my day job).  Much of the work was created using practices that are no longer necessary or ideal.  For example, in the Master React Class the instructor did a great job of showing us examples where we would keep firebase data in sync with a redux store by the use of actions and reducers.  It is certainly worth knowing (much of it is used in the day job) but it isn’t a way I would go in 2020.  It was great to kind of put a stake in the ground in terms of the tools in my toolbox going forward.  In that sense it was… cleansing?

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