Javascript with Machine Learning

Javascript with Machine Learning

One of the items on the wish list of the “day job” is to incorporate machine learning in their application in order to match group A with opportunity B.  The ideal way to do this is via machine learning.  This area is fairly new to me so I thought I would take a course on it.

12/18/2020 Update.  So after many days of learning and building examples it was time to take it back to my day job.  After helping them put together a use case it became clear that machine learning was completely overkill for what they were trying to do.  Right tool for the right job.  Also, they had gained access to AP’s API and we are starting to investigate that.   So why might that be of use and not what I’ve learned?  The short answer is that I am not yet sure.  Often there is a desire to rush to tech to solve problems that don’t exist.  In this case I am helping them put together a use case for what this new offering of theirs might look like.  We have a meeting with AP next week.


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