Project: Angular Front-End (with demo)

Rebuilding a site that already exists. Because its fun.

Project: Angular Front-End (with demo)

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The demo is working here!  The data pulled back my movie and tv show watch history from in chronological order.    The difficult part in assembling these pages is that I had to first make an api call to get the original list of data.  For each object, I then had to make a separate api call to get the movie image URL from a different service as no longer provides movie posters.  This was a bit of a brain buster and was accomplished via nested observables.  Despite these nested calls I think the response time is excellent.  Unfortunately I would have to make a third call to pull back my personal rating and review so for the time being I left the rating to be the aggregate community rating as that is available in the first call.

The app is now running in my A2 hosting account – more on that here.  I do have an issue open to them about a server config issue.  If the user clicks on the menu to open a page it works but if they type in the URL it does not.

Next Task:  Build an interface that will allow the user to search on a show or movie and rate it from the app.  In other words, full CRUD.



Project Description

I know that I sounds like a broken record but I love when I can mix multiple hobbies together to create something new.  I’ve been making some small local Angular applications but I’d like to take things to the next level by creating an actual website that people can use.  I thought it might be fun to essentially re-create the website.  If you’ve never heard of it’s actually a fun little website.  Whenever you watch a movie you can go in and give a rating and (optional) comment about what you just watched.  If you’ve got a fancy device such as Kodi it will record that you watched the show/movie automatically and then allow you to rate it using your remote when it finishes.  Our family’s watch history is listed here (unfortunately it records all plays from video on my local video server so the kids history is mixed in).

There is an api available to communicate directly with so I’d like to make a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) application that will essentially do what a user can do on their website.  This should tie together a lot of the concepts that I’ve been learning about in training as well as the ones I’ve used in some of the smaller applications that I have created.


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[…] it in upcoming Angular or React project.  My watch history is uploaded to and I do have a demo app that pulls back that […]

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