The Complete React Developer Course (w/Hooks and Redux)

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The Complete React Developer Course (w/Hooks and Redux)

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Status:  Finished!  Here are the features:

  1. User authentication via Google.
  2. Full CRUD with Firebase.  Users see only their own data.
  3. Fully automated testing with Jest.
  4. Each component is individually styled.
  5. Automated builds in production (a single git push rebuilds the environment)
  6. Babel polyfill makes the app available in older browsers.
  7. A base template for future projects


My Notes:

This was recommended by many people online as being a very comprehensive look at React.

Completed Sections:

  1. Welcome (10 mins)
  2. Setting Up Your Environment (7 mins)
  3. Hello React (3h 45 mins)
  4. React Components (3hr)
  5. Stateless Functional Components (1h 23 mins)
  6. Webpack (2h 16min)
  7. Using a Third-Party Component (29 min)
  8. Styling React (2h 8min)
  9. React-Router (1h 35min)
  10. Redux (3h)
  11. React with Redux (3h)
  12. Testing Your Application 4h 14 min)
  13. Deploying Your Apps (4hrs 14 min)
  14. Firebase 101 (1h 58 min)
  15. Firebase with Redux (2h 6 min)
  16. Firebase Authentication (1h 52 min)
  17. Styling the application (2h 4 min)
  18. What Now?  (28 min)
  19. Hooks, Context, Fragments and More (2h 48 min)



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